Become a Dorn Practitioner

The DORN Method has been described as a "folk medicine" to be shared with as many people as possible. It’s an easy to learn yet very effective practise that has been offered traditionally in Germany to everyone. Both professional and lay people greatly benefit. All you need is your hands and an open heart. A massage table is practical especially for the BREUSS Massage, but not necessary.

The DORN Method is a valuable manual technique to add to your skills and incorporate into your practise. You can use the DORN Method to supplement other manual techniques and therapies and equip your clients with simple self-help exercises to maintain the result of your work. Or you can only offer the DORN Method and BREUSS Massage as a highly effective holistic self-healing method.

The DORN Method is very easy to learn and safe to apply. You will be able to help your clients or students whenever a painful condition arises (or even before). You will have a tool to relieve pain and show them how they can adjust their misaligned areas immediately. The Dorn Method can be used as a full treatment or incorporated into your session. For specific problems a 5minute hands on can already be very effective. Your students will feel better, perform better and benefit long term from an aligned structure. With the self-help exercises they will be able to maintain the effects.

The founder Dieter DORN wanted to offer the technique to everybody who is interested to help with their hands or to learn how to help themselves. It doesn’t require anatomical knowledge to learn and is absolutely safe to use. It can be used with family members, colleagues, friends, babies and children, the elderly and even pets to bring quick relieve from spinal and joint related discomfort. Chronic conditions like scoliosis can be prevented and treated. If you suffer from pains you will be able to understand your body and learn to be your own healer.

•Introduction and history of the DORN Method

•Basic anatomy and physiology

•Somato-emotional connections

•Vertebrae & Meridians

•Check and alignment of

1.Leg length

2.Hip, knee and ankle


4.Sacroiliac joints

5.Sacrum and coccyx

6.Lumbar, thoracic and cervical vertebrae

7.Scoliosis and humps

8.Special neck and atlas techniques


10.Sternoclavicular Joints

11.All the other joints

•Self-Help Exercises

•Intervertebral BREUSS Massage

•Applications, limitations and contra-indications


The ADVANCED Course is a one-day workshop to refine your technique and deepen your understanding of the vertebrae and their somatic and emotional connection as well as the meridian system. More neck and atlas techniques will be practised. Special techniques for babies and children as well as for animals are introduced. A special Dorn tool and cupping glas will be demonstrated. And time for exchange, sharing and questions.

For who?

Movement Professionals

Body Professionals


Massage Therapists, Physiotherapists, Kinesiologists and other Bodywork Practitioners

Instructors of Yoga, Pilates, Gyrotonic, Dance, Personal Trainers, Sports Coaches and PE Teachers

Dorn Method and Breuss Massage Intensive Course

The Intensive Course consists of two days theory and hands on learning of the DORN Method and the BREUSS Massage followed by case studies and a final one to one assessment. You will receive a Certificate of Completion after the course and a Certificate of Qualification after a successful assessment. Professionals will be promoted through DORN Method SA. Students new to the field of bodywork can be included after further practise and case studies.

The DORN Method has been spreading internationally. DORN Method SA is affiliated with DORN International and your Certificate of Qualification will be recognised around the globe.


Course outline


Matrix Worx and the Dorn Method

Matrix Worx is a transformation tool working on quantum level.

It is believed that old indigenous cultures used these methods since a long time and they have been brought back to our awareness by authors like Richard Bartlett (Matrix Energetics), Frank Kinslow (Quantum Entrainment), and many more using different terminology like 2 point method, Quantum Matrix, Matrix Inform etc.

In the last few years these methods have swept through America, Germany and Europe, it is time to incorporate them here!


In this work we shift our awareness away from the physical matter and open up to the unified field of limitless possibilities. Our electromagnetic field of the heart as well as our right brain allows us access to these spheres.  We learn to connect to the grander matrix of all life which we call simply ‘the field’.  When in resonance with this all-knowing field we can experience a transformational wave of energy that can change our life. Blocked or distorted energy that we can experience as physical problems, emotional issues, stuck situations etc. can be released and transformed without knowing the cause for it, sometimes in a blink of an eye.


In our time these phenomena can be explained by modern quantum physics and new science which satisfies our left brain to understand.


MATRIX WORX 1 is an introduction to this new consciousness technology with background science and basic techniques that can be used in everyday life for any issues from physical, emotional, material, goals etc. It can be used as self-help, on others, on animals, and as distance treatments. You will learn the fascinating ‘two-point technique’, timetravel, and other tools that will enable you to facilitate transformation processes in yourself and others. Matrix Worx is a very playful and joyful energy; we will have lots of fun!


MATRIX WORX AND THE DORN METHOD will use the new knowledge and apply it in a Dorn treatment bringing the magic into your work. We will work less physical and you will see structures shift under your fingers. As these shifts are multidimensional they are more profound.


I am inviting you on this very exciting journey that changed my life!




"The Dorn Method and Breuss Massage is such an effective concept blending a massage with healing on many levels. Especially the root cause, the emotional side is fascinating. I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to have learned a simple effective relaxing and enjoyable modality! Thank you so much! Yours in appreciation!" - Maryam


"I so recommend this to anyone new to bodywork and would like to enter an astonishing modality in giving healling to people with back problems/aches/mobility malady...or to therapists who could expand their practise with the Dorn Method...Anna is a great Teacher! " - Isabella