CAPE TOWN - Southern Suburbs and City

Lynn Angel

DORN Method Practitioner

Specialised Kinesiologist


19 Oloff Henning Crescent

Britannia Bay 7282

+27 82 440 9397

Beryl Esterhuizen

Shiatsu Practitioner and Trainer, Dorn Practitioner, Chi Nei Tsang Practitioner and Trainer, Energy Healing


Dellingham Road, Constantia

021 7120672 / 072 9916369

[email protected]

I have been practicing  Body Energy Balance Shiatsu for the past 12 years. Many of my clients have come to me complaining of neck & back pain, no energy, infertility, poor digestion and others "dis-ease" of the body. I believe both mental and emotional imbalances manifest on a physical level and so a person's health or symptoms of ill health should be acknowledged on all levels.

Dorn therapy has complimented my knowledge and skills I have acquired to help others. I have created a combined back treatment session incorporating Dorn Therapy and Shiatsu Therapy to help alleviate Neck & back Pain, scoliosis, headaches, migrains, sciatica and joint problems. I also offer a combined Dorn Therapy and Hara Shiatsu Therapy.

Dawn Halkett


DORN Method Practitioner

Lonbeach Physio Sun Valley

072 905 9328

[email protected]

I do Dorn Method Treatments as well as Pranic Healing and Traditional Thai Massage.

Using intuition combined with the above modalities it is my intention to support all my clients in finding balance, harmony and all round self healing in their lives.


DORN Method Practitioner

Pranic Healing

Thai Massage

Phone: 082 568 7999


Oranjezicht, Cape Town

Coral Lindeque

Clare Maude

Naturally Wise - Remedial Body Work

Dorn Practitioner

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage

Restorative Reflexology

Nutrition and Lifestyle guidance

Herbal, Tissue Salt & Flower essence


Phone:  084 625 4123

Kalk Bay and Glencairn

Spine alignment using the Dorn Method so impresses me by its simplicity and gentleness, because its so effective..  After 20 years as a massage therapist, I value this hugely.  Massage, Reflexology and Dorn Method work amazingly well in partnership to complement healing... it is wonderful to witness this!

When you take care of yourself, you allow your light to shine brighter for others!!

My name is Lotta and i come from Sweden, I have lived in South africa for about 10 years. I have been practising kahuna massage for about 9 years and was introduced to Dorn by Anna one year ago. As I was struggling with a slipped disc and was in a lot of pain. The Dorn Method helped almost immediately and I was very impressed by this effective healing and wanted to learn it myself. I am now practising from my home in lovely sea side Scarborough, and have started to incorporate some Dorn into my kahuna sessions as well.

Dorn Practitioner

Kahuna Massage



021-7801560 or 083 6160053

[email protected]

Lotta Nilsson

Nicole Angelika Panzer

Yoga Teacher & Therapist  

Body Alignment Practitioner

Dorn & Breuss, MYYO & Reiki

Lighterian Clearing facilitator

Retreat and workshop facilitator



O83 3779248

[email protected]

Being a health and wellness practitioner I offer a variety of modalities that suit your current needs and goals.

Whether you feel the need to take some time out to rest, rejuvenate and restore your body mind & soul in one of my yoga classes (group / private), have a spinal readjustment and alignment done to bring you back into good health or whether you are interested in any of the other modalities. Feel free to contact me for a personal one on one assessment or consultation for us to establish what would be best suitable for you, assisting you on becoming healthier, more balanced, brining a sense of wellbeing & wholeness into your life.

Dr Ugan Pillay

Registered Naturopath


9 Jagersfontein Lane

Oranjezicht Cape Town

Cell: +27 82 495 5236

[email protected]

lynn-angel Beryl2 Coral clare 1.2 (470x640) (2) Nicole

I am a Naturopath and I use only natural but scientifically sound methods of treating any chronic or acute illness. I also do maintenance therapy on people who are not particularly sick and want to maintain an optimum state of health. I use Dorn Spinal Therapy, acupuncture, therapeutic supplementation, herbal medicine, nutritional medicine and physical therapies such as myofascial trigger point release and massage therapy as a holistic approach.


Nina Sacks

DORN Method Practitioner

Yoga Instructor


Kirstenhof & Tokai

[email protected]

083 424 3889

I trained as an Integral Hatha Yoga instructor in 2003 and have travelled and taught yoga locally and overseas for over 10 years, published a local yoga magazine for 5 of them and now enjoy a more balanced lifestyle as I explore the therapeutic side of yoga as well as the fast and effective results that the DORN method has to offer. If you would like to set up a session for a Tuesday in the Kirstenhof area, please contact me.


Justin Scott

DORN Method Practitioner

Pilates Instructor


Sunflower Pilates Studio

Sun Valley

[email protected]

082 3975957

Renee is a Pilates Master Trainer, Owner and Director of Conscious Movement Education, Gyrokinesis and Yoga Teacher, and now a DORN Practitioner. She splits her time between Cape Town and Malawi and loves integrating mindful movements to assist clients in their specific needs.

Renee Watson

Dorn Practitioner

Pilates Master Trainer

Gyrotonic and Yoga Teacher


The Source Cape Town

11 Townsend Avenue

Constantia, Cape Town


Merina Wolmarans

Pilates Instructor

Dorn Practitioner


082 820 7264

[email protected]

Simonstown (Pilates studio)

Glencairn (Dorn treatments)


In my 10 years as a Pilates Teacher, I have always felt passionate about facilitating my clients ability to function better in their everyday lives.

As a gentle and non-invasive modality of body-healing which compliments my Pilates practice, the Dorn method and Breuss massage has provided me with a modality that supports my efforts to develop bodies that function optimally.

CAPE TOWN - other suburbs

Anne Combrinck


Dorn Method Practitioner

Live Blood Analysis

Ethno Med (Pr No 699856)


BALANCE Natural Health Clinic

1 Melkhout Street, Scarborough

Tel: 071 869 3715

[email protected]






Anne Combrinck, is a founder and the senior educator from the Ananda Sanga Educational Institute in Somerset West, South Africa. She  trains Yoga -Teachers & -Therapists; EFT practitioners (Emotional Freedom Tapping) and MYYO practitioners (myofascial/muscular release technique), however also has a successful therapy practice.

She presents at various natural health conferences, and conducts workshops and retreats both nationally and internationally. She is author of many articles in well-known journals & magazines in South Africa and internationally.

Heinrich le Roux

DORN Method Practitioner

Ananda Sanga Yoga Senior Educator

EFT Practitioner

MYYO Practitioner


Somerset West

021 855-1470

[email protected]

Anne Headshot (2)

Dorn Method Practitioner

Holistic Healing Therapist & Life Coach

Specialize in Emotional Releases

Energy & Chakra balancing


Mobile: 083 295 5002

Email : [email protected]


Hayley Jordan

DORN Method Practitioner

Deep Tissue Massage

Kinesiology, Cranial Sacral Therapy


Balance & Harmony Wellness

Edgemead, Cape Town

Phone 083 688 8878

[email protected]

My interest in bodywork came from the realisation that everyone is different, and that what works for one person may not work for the next.  When trying to address a problem, one should look at the physical, emotional, and nutritional connections, as everything is linked. Therefore, I combine the treatments that I offer in order to get the best results for each individual client. I offer the Dorn Method and Breuss Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Kinesiology, and CranioSacral Therapy.  I tend to use Dorn before the other treatments as it tends to work fast and is extremely effective.


Michael Taylor

DORN Method Practitioner

Active Kinesiologist


Forever You Skin Clinic,

Habitat Centre, Somerset West

Phone 083 679 1772

021 851 6391

[email protected]

I am a compassionate, understanding individual having found my love for helping and guiding people towards outstanding health and personal growth early in my life. Being able to use my knowledge of how to treat the body holistically to help and guide my clients is what drives me.


Maryam Gaffoor-Russon

Balance is Essential 2 Heal the body, mind & spirit: the soul knows what is needed to heal I just assist in clearing & activating aiding the natural healing process.

The Dorn method came as a lifesaver! It simplified my job and is much more effective. It is like going to the root of the problem. What is very fascinating to me is how each vertebrae is an indication of where the person is stuck or struggling with emotions and it is precise, effective and rounded off with a pleasant  massage & effective release in the neck andn spine making the client feel rejuvenated!

Beverley Rogers

Michael Taylor

DORN Method Practitioner

Applied Kinesiology


8 Leerdam Crescent, Stellenberg


[email protected]

Phone: 0824531175

All the clients felt better after treating them and I now include the Dorn method as part of my normal treatments.

I incorporate the Dorn method with applied kinesiology and have found that the two treatments complement each other well, bringing welcomed relief to my clients.


Beverley Rogers (2)

Henri Theron



DORN Method & Breuss Massage


phone 078 2844042

[email protected]

Henri Theron was a counselling psychologist from 1976 to 1998, translated the spiritual thought system A Course in Miracles into Afrikaans, and has taught it for 14 years. He is still offering workshops, facilitates groups and retreats, and does one-on-one mentoring ( Recently he decided to break away from ‘mind’ work and to let healing rather take place through his hands.


henri vertalingsfoto

Aidan Walsh

Dorn Method Practitioner

Yoga Teacher

Massage Therapist



Cell: +27 82997 8050

Email: [email protected]

After leaving school I attempted to do things by the book, but a corporate career was not in the cards for me, and I packed it all in to become a Yoga Teacher. I actually got into Yoga at an early age so it was a natural fit which eventually also took me into Intuitive and Thai Yoga Massage.  Being a familiar fan of Chiropractic I was drawn to the gentleness of the DORN Method (& Breuss Massage) and now use it as an invaluable compliment to both my teaching and therapeutic practices.



With Live Blood Analysis I am able to assess a client's nutritional status and establish where deficiencies and imbalances lie. This enables me to recommend the correct herbal medicines, nutritional supplements and dietary advice, supplying the body everything it requires to function optimally.


I enjoy offering the DORN Method and Breuss Massage. I have found the technique to be very effective in providing significant relief to my clients with back pain, sore hips, sciatica and neck pain. The subtle energy work done at the end of the Breuss massage is always a rewarding way to finish the session.


Dorn practitioner


Sound Therapist


4 De Cock Avenue, The Vines



[email protected]

Anna Prinsloo

Anna Prinsloo practices a variety of modalities to suit the individual needs of her clients. She has studied with various local and internationally-renowned therapists to explore progressive techniques in the field of manual bodywork, myofascial release, kinesiology, energy healing, sound healing and inner process work. She graduated from UCT in 2002 with a BSc in Physiotherapy (cum laude with distinction). She furthered her studies in bodywork with training in integrative fascial release and the Dorn method of spinal alignment. Anna has completed an internationally accredited certification in energy healing. She has a certificate in non-medical hypnosis and a diploma in non-medical regression therapy. She has also completed her certification in orthopaedic manual therapy and sports physiotherapy.

Jane Wolff

DORN Practitioner


4 Woodlands Close, Constantia

Cape Town, 7806.

+27 (0)83 251 2849

[email protected]






SoulSense was born out of a deep passion to encourage self healing on a physical, mental and emotional level. Yes, we CAN heal ourselves and regain our optimal balance & harmony.  Often one just needs a safe & quiet space with the guidance of a nurturing practitioner.

I experience life’s “frantic-ness”, the up’s and down’s like everyone else, juggling being a busy mother of 2 very active boys and wife to an ambitious husband.

I became a qualified DORN Practitioner and Hypnotherapist because these modalities helped me to cope and to strengthen & heal from a major back injury in a holistic way. Let me share my healing with you.




Jane Wolff (2)

Sandra van Rooyen

Dorn Method Practitioner

Beauty Technologist

Deep Tissue Massage

Quantum Touch Healing





I am a qualified Beauty Technologist. But have been persueing my real interest and passion for the last few years. That is the wholistic functioning and view of the body.

To take into account the structural, nutritional and emotional aspects that influence well-being. I do deep tissue massage and also incorporates quantum touch healing in my therapies.

The Dorn method is a healing modality that works so well and quickly that it absolutely amazes me!








Sandra Anna photo

`Too many people are searching for the magic ingredient that will fix their health, when one can ward of disease with a diet of natural ingredients and learning how to `listen` to your body. My studies in specialised Kinesiology and Dorn Spinal Alignment Therapy has taught m that the body does not lie, and the alignment of the spine is the first place to look for misalignments which affect your overall state of health and wellness.`