Matrix Worx

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Transformation through the

Shifting pain, emotions, beliefs, misalignments, obstacles, …

Sometimes in the blink of an eye – is this possible?


Discover the field of the heart, consciousness of not-doing,

the “getting out of the way”, making space for grace, miracles and transformation, learning tools that shift reality instantly.


In Matrix Worx we will shift our awareness away from the physical matter onto the field of information which is the source of manifested reality, and as quantum science shows us, this reality is not as fixedd as it appears. Through this focus we will connect to the unified field of limitless possibilities.


It is believed that old indigenous cultures used these methods since a long time and they have been brought back to our awareness by authors like Richard Bartlett (Matrix Energetics), Frank Kinslow (Quantum Entrainment), and many more using different terminology like 2 Point Method, Quantum Matrix, Matrix Inform etc. In the last few years these methods have swept through America, Germany and Europe, it is time to incorporate them here!


Matrix Worx is a transformation tool working on quantum level.  Our electromagnetic field of the heart as well as our right brain allows us access to these spheres.  We learn to connect to the grander matrix of all life which we call simply ‘the field’.  When in resonance with this all-knowing field we can experience a transformational wave of energy that can change our life. Blocked or distorted energy that we can experience as physical problems, emotional issues, stuck situations etc. can be released and transformed without knowing the cause for it, sometimes in a blink of an eye. The blocks can be from incidents in our lifetime, our ancestors, family, or karmic lessons. We don’t have to go into the stories, the shift happens with light and ease as we shed light onto a pattern.

In our time these phenomena can be explained by modern quantum physics and new science which satisfies our left brain to understand.


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“Move into the new possibility without thinking, without doing, without trying, without planning, and see what grace has in store for you." –Melissa Joy Jonsson


Matrix Worx Level 1 - Transformation through the Heart -, a 2-day weekend workshop will immerse you into this new consciousness technology with background science and basic techniques that can be used in everyday life for any issues from physical, emotional, material, goals etc. It can be used as self-help, on others, on animals, and as distance treatments. You will learn the fascinating ‘two-point technique’, timetravel,  and other tools that will enable you to facilitate transformation processes in yourself and others. Matrix Worx is a very playful and joyful energy; we will have lots of fun!


The 1-day workshop Matrix Worx Level 2 is an opportunity to dive deeper into the filed of infinite possibilities and get to know some more tools  to work/play with!s of fun!


Using Matrix Worx in combination with the Dorn Method will bring magic into your work. You will see the physical structures shift under your fingers with little effort. As these shifts are multidimensional they are very profound.


I am inviting you on this very exciting journey that changed my life!


What participants say about Matrix Worx and the workshop:


“Attending Anna's Matrix Worx Playshop was more than delightful. It was life affirming and truly something I would 'Heartily' encourage and recommend to others.

Anna is a wonderful communicator and facili-teacher. The beautiful connections we made with each other during the course, through the 'Matrix Worx' resulted in some profound shifts and continue to do so. I have been intentionally using it through the day with great results and look forward to going more deeply into the 'Field'”.  - Fiona Almeleh


“I recommend doing a weekend in Matrix work wholeheartedly not only for self-healing but also to gain rapid insight into deeper mysteries of the human body-mind. Thanks so much Anna, I am using the work in my practice.”  -  Dr Berkeley Digby


“It was such a joy to attend your wonderful Matrix Worx training and really finding it fun and powerful to play in the field.  It is such a joy to see how the universe supports all processes and I am loving applying all that you taught.  It was such an honour to be able to have you share your knowledge. Thank you again.” Adie Shub


“I am absolutely LOVING plunging through the heart field and am using it every day of my life since the course.” Cari






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