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I started as a Beauty and massage therapist, before i got introduced to Pilates. I loved it so much that I changed job to a Pilates and Personal Fitness Trainer.

Having helped so many people with back problems over time, I had to find a faster way to to help them and the Dorn Method did just that. I mainly do homevisits to accomodate peoples needs.

Originally from Cape Town, but having lived in Windhoek since Independence, I have been actively involved with exercise and movement since I can recall. Fascinated by the control and successful results of the Pilates method of exercise, I exited the Aerobic scene in 2006 to specialize in Pilates as a method of exercise, as well as an active means of rehabilitation. Missing the cardio aspect of exercise, but still wanting acontrolled form of exercise, I qualified as a Booty Barre trainer in 2011.

Dealing with postural and alignment problems on a daily basis, I have been searching for a method where I can offer immediate assistance in relieving or correcting these problems.

This I have found in the DORN method!

My name is Birgit Nakamhela. I'm a qualified Pilates teacher as well as Rebalancing trainer and "Dorn and Breuss practitioner. For more information about my work, please check out my website:

THE HOME OF WELLNESS  in Windhoek, does not only offer you exercises and life coaching for your well-being - but also the well-approved DORN THERAPY and BREUSS MASSAGE.  If you suffer from back pain please do not hesitate any longer but contact me immediately and book your space.

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