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Villa A113, Golf Gardens, Khalifa City A

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Phone: 0971-566252477

Michelle Carpenter

Mariaan König

Anna Hagen

I am a qualified Pilates Instructor and has been teaching for 10 years. The Dorn method slots in perfectly with the Pilates classes. Thank you again for bringing this treatment to me.

Dorn Practitioner

Baby Yoga




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I started my journey 9 years ago when I became a caregiver for Hospice. I then went on to study NLP and wanted to learn more about our bodies.  Yoga became a part of my journey which I love and I now teach Baby yoga. What I love so much about the Dorn Method is that you teach your client the self-help techniques as I am all about empowering and teaching Self awareness. I love how my clients feel so good after having a Dorn and Breuss

massage - as do I!

Dorn Practitioner and certified Trainer

Sports Scientist M.A.



Germany, 78549 Spaichingen

Email: [email protected]

Phone +49 177 1646513

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Dorn & Breuss Practitioner

Muscular Relief Massage

Lymphatic Drainage (MLD), Pregnancy Massage

Reflexology, Thai Yoga Massage

Holistic & Wellness Therapy



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Cheneen Coustas

I have over a decade of therapeutic therapy, working locally and internationally, to gain extensive experience and exposure in the wellness industry. Continuously advancing my skills in skin and body care treatments so as to ensure my clients receive optimal results.

Cheneen Coustas