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DORN Method & BREUSS Massage Intensive

Online Live Course in 2021

What will you need:

Stable internet connection

Webcam and microphone (mostly in all labtops included)

A massage table or a stable large table to lie on

A body (a person) to learn and practice on (from 2. online meeting onwards)

A natural oil and a small and a big towel


Cost: 3400ZAR

10% Discount on the upcoming course 9 March!


4 life online lectures and monitoring of practice via Zoom Meeting and recording

1 Question and Answer session via Zoom

1 In class practice day and exam

Manual, charts, teaching video and certificates


Next dates:

Tuesday       9 March, 5pm-8.30pm, no body needed

Thursday    11 March, 5pm-8.30pm, with body

Tuesday      16 March, 5pm-8.30pm, with body

Thursday     18 March, 5pm-7pm, with body

Q&A Session date to be confirmed

In-class practice Day and exam date to be confirmed

Learn this effective manual therapy in the comfort of your home and deepen your practice and confidence with an in-class follow up!

"Thank you Anna for sharing your knowledge and expertise with me. You are a wonderfully patient teacher, and the course had  the right balance of theory and practical work. I feel very confident about my Dorn and Breuss knowledge, I am enjoying treating my clients  and  it is all thanks to you that I feel this way.  

I look forward to the follow up session -  Lynn Angel"


February 2012 course group photo

"...  People have been coming with neck and shoulder problems, lower back pain, sciatica, digestive issues/chronic constipation have resolved with clients, etc.  I’ve been treating a woman with chronic hip pain and it’s been so successful that she recently went for a 4 km walk (and the first time I saw her she could not move without pain)… this was after 3 sessions..."

-Hayley Jordan


"I have found the Dorn Method very complimentary to the method of healing I apply.

I like the interaction it allows between the client and myself. It creates the space for the clients to understand their own spine and bones and ligaments, while you gentle explain and do the exercises of the Dorn method and relaxing the spine with the Breuss method of massage for an end treatment is deeply relaxing and satisfying." - Suzanne du Plessis




"This past weekend workshop was really amazing!!

Lovely group and wonderful results."


"I am using the Matrix Worx daily, in the evening and working on my family and myself. I am feeling a lot more calm, confident and at peace with life, which has come at a great time in my life due to my parents leaving SA.

Thanks for everything Anna, very happy to be taking this path!"



"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for a really wonderful course! You are an amazing teacher and I left feeling inspired and with renewed passion for what I do."



"The work you did on me and my partner is amazing! Really!!!"






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Further live online Courses planned

Dorn Advanced Course

Question & Answer Session for students and practitioners

Dorn Refresher Course

Head and Neck techniques beyond Dorn

Dorn teacher training preparation

Matrix Worx - Transformation through the heart





Dorn Method & Breuss Massage in class training course dates in South Africa will be announced!

Tuesday     18 May 5pm-8.30pm

Thursday    20 May 5pm-8.30pm

Monday       24 May 5pm-8.30pm

Wednesday 26 May 5pm-7pm

Q&A session to be confirmed

In-class day to be confirmed

Next course dates coming soon!

New dates May 2021